The Canon of Dutch history in Arnhem

Most of the museums that I have visited were educational and interesting but not impressive. The Canon of Dutch history has it all! It is the most impressive museum that I have ever visited. It is interactive, colorful, funny, informative and perfect for families. You can have a lot of fun there, believe me! It was … More The Canon of Dutch history in Arnhem


Hoensbroek castle

A few weeks ago, I was again spending some time in The Netherlands. My husband was working, and I was traveling around and meeting my friends. One of them told me about the castle Hoensbroek in the province of Limburg which was just about 20 minutes drive from the hotel where we were staying. Of course, I … More Hoensbroek castle


Anytime you see someone new you make assumptions about who they are. I think it’s natural to link certain attributes to people based on how they look, talk or behave. Maybe you can guess what they like or how they are correctly and maybe not, but you form some kind of opinion about them anyway. … More DEDIQATED and me