Mount Titlis – a jewel in the Swiss Alps

Mount Titlis is a place that you have to put on your bucket list if you plant to visit Switzerland in the future. I have been living here for 9 years and I must admit that it was a couple of weeks ago that I visited this place for the first time and I still wonder how it is possible that I haven’t heard about it before.

It is a jewel located in central Switzerland which can be easily reached from Zurich or Lucerne. It offers one of the most breathtaking views that you can ever think of. But a visit of Titlis is much more than just the views.

You can take a walk over the Cliff Walk or visit the Glacier Park as well. There are more attractions, such as snow tubing, snow scooters or cross-country skiing. Everyone can find something to do here.

We escaped the foggy and rainy day in the town where we live to enjoy some sunny winter wonderland moments.

Our trip started in Engelberg from where we took the cable car up to the mountain. In the past, you had to change the cable cars twice but nowadays it’s only once, so simply stay inside at the first station called Trübsee. We didn’t know about it and got off the cable car too early. Then we wondered where was another cable car that would bring us to the next station. After a while I asked the person who worked there, and he told me that it’s the same cable car. It wasn’t a big problem as the cabins were coming every few seconds, so we just hopped on the next one.

The next station is called Stand and here you will board the cabin Rotair which will bring you all the way up to 3020 meters above sea level. The cabin turns around during your journey, so that you can enjoy 360 degrees views of your surroundings. It will turn around exactly one time during each ride.

The journey from Engelberg to TITLIS mountain station takes around 30 minutes and it’s quite comfortable.

The temperature in Engelberg was 12 degrees and at Titlis it was -7 degrees. The difference of 19 degrees wasn’t that bad. The sun warmed up the air and didn’t feel like -7 degrees. The only problem was the strong and cold wind, and therefore we didn’t want to stay outside for too long. It turned out that we indeed stayed for too long as I got sick and spent the week after in bed with high fever. Well done!

The views were magnificent! It was not very easy to get good photos as there were too many tourists but we found some spots were we could enjoy some moments alone.

There was a lot of snow and it was slippery in some places. We saw some tourists with ‘perfect’ mountains gear, such as short sleeves or high heels.

One lady in high heels managed to walk up a hill in her high heels but she couldn’t get back down. Her partner was becoming inpatient and she simply sat down on her long jacket and used it as some kind of a sledge to come down comfortably. He helped her to stand up and all was good for them again.

It doesn’t matter in which direction you look, there are mountains everywhere.

I don’t think that there were any slopes on this side of the mountains but we saw some people skiing there anyway. We also saw others with their ski equipment hiking up the hill. As there are no ski lift on that side they have to do it in the old fashioned way.

Some people were doing crazy things and I was praying that they survived the rides. I don’t ski as I’m afraid of accidents and when I saw them I was feeling sick in my stomach.

You can’t even see the end of the mountain range!

Would you walk over the Cliff Walk? It’s the highest suspension bridge in Europe and it is more than 100 meters long. There are always many people crossing it and of course we had to do it too!

When you start walking on the bridge and you realize that there is nothing but air underneath it you may feel strange. But then you get used to it and it’s not that bad. The bridge is installed close to the mountain on the right side which adds to the feeling of security.

Unless there are some crazy guys who start jumping up and down and the bridge starts moving from one side to another. You move together with the bridge and then it’s not that comfortable any longer.

Once you cross the bridge in winter you have to walk back again as the exit is closed due to the snow. Walking back is much faster and easier as you already know what to expect.

We noticed a few locks on the fence. I think they are there just temporarily and will be taken down as imagine if everyone would attach a lock to this fence, what would happen? In my opinion, it would become too heavy and could potentially collapse.

Of course, I understand that this couldn’t happen if there would be just a few of them but if you have been to France before and you saw how many locks are attached to the bridges over there you would understand what I mean.

We watched this girl getting ready to take off. It took her a few minutes to prepare her equipment and check that everything was ready. Once she checked everything, she took off.

And crashed after a few meters… it was scary to watch as she crashed right in front of a cliff.

But she didn’t give up and prepared her equipment again…

And there she goes! Her second attempt was successful and we watched her until she was out of sight.

There were a few other people watching her with us and as it all took so long we started to talk. We agreed to go for a cup of coffee together and had a nice chat. This is how you make friends! 😊

We couldn’t leave Titlis before we visited the Glacier cave. Once you enter the cave you find yourself in a colored ice tunnel. There is a railing on one side as the floor is made of ice too.

It looks like we were alone, doesn’t it? Don’t let me fool you! There was a large group of Korean tourists ahead of us but there are so many turns in the tunnel that you can’t see them on the photo. But we could hear them.

I think that they are organising some events here as well as there was an ice bar too.

I must say that I didn’t know what to expect from the cave. Yes, I knew that it was here, but I didn’t want to check any photos as I wanted to be surprised. And I really was!

Do you recognize this fellow from the Ice Age? He is imprisoned in an ice block!

There was one more ice block with some flowers. I didn’t recognize them but I guess that these are some special Alpine flowers from this area.

And we are coming to the end of the tunnel.

I wonder if those ladies in high heels tried to walk in the tunnel too. It would be a lot of fun to watch them.

I hope that you have enjoyed a day with me at Titlis.

Thank you for reading!


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