Chäserrugg – a beautiful autumn day in the Alps

I guess that most of you know that I wouldn’t miss a chance to go to the mountains. Especially now, when the weather is getting worse and it rains more often I keep checking the weather forecast every day and making plans for the weekend.

A couple of weeks ago it was supposed to be raining in the afternoon but the morning should have been nice and sunny. What does that mean? It means that we would wake up early to finish our hike before the rain 😊

My husband isn’t exactly a morning person and I knew that waking up at 6 AM on Saturday wouldn’t make him happy, so I planned to leave at 7:30 AM to give him some time to wake up.

When we got to the garage he couldn’t find his car key. He looked through all his pockets, backpack, even the bag where we keep our hiking shoes but the key was lost. He was sure that he had it in his hand when we left the apartment. To give you some perspective it is around 10 steps to get to the lift from our apartment and 10 steps to get to the garage from the lift.

The key couldn’t just disappear and he had to find it before we left as otherwise his day would be ruined. At that time I knew that we will probably not leave as planned..

He went back home and spent almost an hour looking for the key. He didn’t find it. Even though he didn’t want to, he took the reserve key as it was getting late and we had to leave. Let me tell you that his mind was looking for that key all day.

He eventually found it two days later and I’m not even going to tell you where as you wouldn’t believe me 😊 I learned that it’s really better for him to sleep longer..

We were finally driving in the direction of Unterwasser. From there we took a mountain train to Iltios (1350m) and from Iltios we took a cable car to Chäserrugg (2262m).

Chäserrugg is the easternmost of the seven peaks of the Churfirsten. These peaks looks inaccessible from the valley as they rise directly from the Wallensee but once you get to the top you can discover many hiking trails. Some of them are easier but most of them are quite challenging.

I would normally choose the easy trail as my hip can’t cope with too much ups and downs and large rocks but as I was feeling very well I braved myself and chose the more difficult one.

There wasn’t a big change in the altitude but it was still difficult because of the large rocks that we had to walk on. For the bigger part of the trail there was actually no real trail. There were just rocks around us and everyone chose the way that worked best for them. I was truly proud of myself as I managed to walk around 10 km without hurting my hip.

The mountain behind that rock wall is called Hochebene Rosenboden and we will go there but first we will walk to the Hinterrugg which is on the other side. From there we will get nice views of the Wallensee.

We also came across little fighters that found their way out between the rocks.

And we can already see the Wallensee.

Do you remember my post about Säntis? We can see it now in the middle of the mountain range.

I am not the only one in the family who like to take photos 😊 My husband likes it too..

Here we can see the Hochebene Rosenboden together with the Tristencholbe and Gamserrugg on the left and the valley Toggenburg on the right.

And here are Churfisten! As already mentioned, they consist of seven mountains that are all built of limestone. It’s one of the most impressive mountain chains that I have seen so far.

Crystal clear Wallensee with the Flumserberg in the back…

Taking some time to enjoy the views on top of a cliff. I didn’t dare to go closer to the edge…

This is the closest that I got to the edge on that day…

And now we will go from the Hinterrugg to the Rosenboden…

Here is the Hinterrugg with five other Churfisten in the back.. Why five? Because the Chäserrugg is behind us and we can’t see it on the photo…

A few kilometers later.. I needed to rest again as I was getting tired. I lied down in the grass and enjoyed the sun. Too late I realized that it was not very clever…

When I got home in the evening and looked at myself in the mirror I thought I was looking at the zebra! I didn’t know that person in the mirror! She had white spots where her sunglasses were, burned ears and nose and her neck was painfully red. Anytime I checked the mirror in the next 3 days that person was still there…

Let’s go back to the cable car!

On the way back we took a different trail to get some views of the north side as well.

The small lake in the back is called Voralpsee. It is a very popular spot as many hiking trails start from there.

And here is the last view of Säntis before we reached Chäserrugg again…

One random guy saw us taking a selfie and asked us if we wanted him to take a photo of us. It didn’t come out that bad 😊

I hope that you have enjoyed our hike.

Thank you for reading!



PS: It didn’t rain at all that day..

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