Smilestones – Miniature world at the Rhine Falls

One day, on the way back home from the Rheinfall, I noticed a large billboard that I didn’t see before. It was inviting people to the Swiss miniature world called Smilestones. It’s a new museum that was opened in November 2018. I’ve been walking down this road all the time, so I was surprised that I haven’t seen it before. But better later than never 😊

Our small town has gone through a lot of development over the last couple of years and this is another investment that should attract more and more visitors from all over the world. I was excited about the exhibition and couldn’t wait for the weekend, so that I could check it out.

Smilestones is the biggest in-door miniature world exhibition in Switzerland. It covers an area of seven tennis courts. So far, only a part of the exhibition is open, and the second part is under construction. The entrance fee is CHF 11.50 at the moment but as soon as the entire exhibition is available the fee will be CHF 19 per person.

The current exhibition stretches over an area of 130 sqm from Säntis to the Rhine Falls. After you purchase your tickets you walk in the direction of the exhibition. The signs will lead you to a long dark hall. There is a tiny railway attached to the wall and a small train going around the room. When I saw it, I knew that it was a good decision to come here 😊

Once you enter the main area you will be amazed with the amount of work that was invested in this place. Even the tiniest objects have great details, and everything is placed with absolute precision.

There are 80 trains going around, 400 cars, trucks and buses, 15000 figures, 400 houses and bridges and many more. It’s like you would be walking in the places that you know, but this time they would be on the scale of 1:87. The figures are about 1 cm tall. It’s a true mini world.

The exhibition doesn’t only show the places, but it also tackles some important issues such as waste and water pollution in the area. I was surprised to see so many various objects in the ‘water’ as Rhine looks very clean here.

I hope you will enjoy the exhibition through my eyes

Let’s start with our biggest pride – Rheinfall. The Rhine fall is the largest waterfall in Europe. It’s one of the top attractions in Switzerland and every year thousands of people come to see this beauty.

I have a photo from last week so that you can compare it to the mini version:


This is capturing a sunny summer day as there are many tourists around 😊


A scene from a small farm in the mountainous area…


An important village gathering – everyone has to join!


This is how we relax here in summer…


Let’s go for a hike…


What about mountain biking?


A romantic morning in a field..


Stein am Rhein – castle Hohenklingen – if you press the right button the flag will move from one side to another 😊


A bridge with one of the trains…


A summer day in Stein am Rhein


Kayaking anyone?


Detailed investigation of a UFO that landed next to Hohenklingen 😊


A train station in Smilestones…


Munot in Schaffhausen


Gueterhof – the best party place in Schaffhausen…


A farmers’ market in Schaffhausen (this one is for @plantstoplanks 😊)


A boy with balloons…


A concert of a rock band in Schaffhausen – it was like a real concert – with music, lights, singing…


Smilestones is a great place for everyone and I know that this wasn’t the last time that I’ve visited this museum. From now on, I will take all my visitors to see the exhibition 😊

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