Vegan experience in Mallorca

Mallorca offers breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear sea, beautiful historical towns and a lot of vegan food options as well. You can find something vegan in many restaurants. If they don’t have vegan options, you can build your meal from side dishes. You can enjoy patatas bravas, grilled vegetables or some salads. And veggie paella is common as well.

We were traveling across the island every day and spent a lot of time in the mountains, so there were no vegan restaurants around us, but we never ended up hungry. When we went to a beach or spent some time in Palma, we tried to go to a vegan place.

I’d like to share with you some vegan food that I enjoyed the most during our stay.

Villa Vegana

This year we wanted to do something different and spend our vacation in a 100% vegan hotel. We agreed to stay in Europe as we only had one week that we could take. There are however not that many vegan hotels in Europe, so it was not very difficult to choose. And this is how we chose Mallorca.

Villa Vegana is a homely hotel owned by a German couple. As soon as you enter the property, you will feel at home. Jens and Miriam did a great job with building warm and cozy atmosphere and their personal approach will touch your heart.

They are recipe developers and truly enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking for their guests. The restaurant is open only for breakfast and dinner. They plan to open it for lunch in the future as well.

Dinner is served by Miriam. She tells you what each dish consists of and maybe adds a short story about what inspired them to create this particular dish.

The restaurant is not open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but if you’re staying in the hotel they can order you a pizza.

The price of dinner is fixed. If you’re a hotel guest it is EUR 29, if not it is EUR 35. The price is reasonable for the quality that you get. The menu is inspired by a different country every day. It is available online and if you don’t like something or have some food allergies, you can tell them one day in advance and they will make you something else.

Each menu consists of aioli with bread, appetizer, starter, main and dessert. I can guarantee you that you will enjoy each one of them.

Here are my favorite dishes of the week..

Let’s start with dill aioli with bread (on the left). Aioli is usually heavy and this was not an exception, so be careful not to spoil your appetite. It was so good that it’s easy to ask for the second round!

It is served with various crackers that go very well with the sauce.

On the right side is caprese appetizer. It is homemade cashew mozzarella with home made basil pesto and a cherry tomato. I can still remember the taste of real mozzarella and let me tell you that this was much better. And that pesto was great too.

We continue with a mixed salad starter (on the left). It is a combination of tangy arugula, sweet watermelon, pineapple, juicy tomatoes, cashews and coriander. Combination of juicy tomatoes and watermelon with crunchy cashews was very enjoyable.

On the right we have ‘Rollmops’ appetizer. It is a pickled eggplant herring. It was filled with pickles, bell peppers and red onion, and it was delicious.

Before I went vegan I wasn’t fond of such meals but this one got me and I will definitely try it at home. It was perfectly sour and the texture was spot on! However I would plate it a little bit differently as it didn’t look very appealing to me.

These were the best pakoras (on the left) that I ever had. They were light and crunchy – a perfect treat. They were served with coriander sauce.

I have never eaten Fiskekaker (on the right)- fish patties in my life and I was thrilled to try the vegan version. I have nothing to compare them to, so the only thing I can say is that they were great. It was served with apple horseradish remoulade. Even though it looks like a lot of remoulade, it was so good that I could eat much more.

All ingredients are locally sourced, and it can happen that you get something slightly different than what you’ve seen on the menu. This was supposed to be beetroot carpaccio but they were not able to find beetroots on the market, so they changed it to zucchini carpaccio (on the left).

It was served with pesto, crushed almonds, vegan Parmesan and arugula. I have made it for some friends at home and they loved it. It’s fresh, crunchy and great for summer.

This is a typical Ikea dish but in vegan version – Kötbular with dill sauce and mashed potatoes (on the right). This was my absolute favorite. Such a lovely comforting meal. I sent an email to Miriam a couple of days ago and asked her to share the recipe. Winter is coming and I would love to make this at home. I hope she will share it with me 😊


Even though I don’t enjoy desserts that much I had to try their chocolate pana cotta (on the left).

And let me tell you that if you’re thinking about going to Mallorca and you’re not sure yet, this should convince you to go! It was amazing.


Terrae is located in Carrer de la Verge del Carme, Pollença. It’s a small restaurant with a few vegan options on the menu.

The food is served by the owner who likes to chat a lot 😊

We learned that he used to live in California and brought his scooby from there to make the best kombucha in Mallorca. And I must say that his kombucha is delicious. Usually I don’t drink it as the taste is too strong for me, but he told me that I have to try his kombucha that he infused with ginger and local oranges and tell him what I think. I must admit that I loved it!

The restaurant was empty when we came but people started to come very soon. It looks like we wanted to eat earlier than is usual there. After a lot of talking we were finally able to order our food..

Our starter was seasonal smoked salad (EUR 9) and those dark balls with yellow powder on top are nasturtium croquettes (EUR 8).

The salad was very simple but fresh and good. It was pickled cabbage, radish and herbs.

The croquettes were served with lemon mayo and topped with baked garlic powder. The presentation was very interesting as they were served in a bowl with hot stones and every ball was put on a small branch.

The main dish was grilled eggplant. This was the best dish that we had during our trip. It was served with squash puree, seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes. The eggplant had such a lovely taste and it was so juicy. The vegetables were perfectly cooked and served with some herb that I have never heard of. It had a special taste and was slightly sour. He repeated the name of the herb several times, but I still didn’t get it.

The owner is a great salesman and he magically convinced us to order a dessert as well. It’s called orange crumble foam and it is made with some pieces of apricots, oatmeal crumble and fermented apricot sorbet with fresh mint leaves.

It’s his own recipe and he is very proud of his fermented sorbet. It was a very hot day so such cold dessert was a great option.

Ziva to go

Ziva to go is a small bistro in Plaça de la Navegación 11 A, Santa Catalina in Palma. They focus on locally grown organic ingredients. All food is prepacked and ready to take away. If you want to sit down and enjoy your food there, it’s possible as well. They have one big table for 8 people.

Their menu is in Spanish and English as well. They serve smoothie bowls (EUR 8.50), breakfast bowls (EUR 4.50-EUR 5.00), smoothies (EUR 7.00), juices and various drinks.

They also have raw sandwiches (EUR 10.00), soups (EUR 5.00), various bowls and salads (EUR 8.50) and a selection of desserts.

You can choose your meal and be served directly at the counter. I’m not such a big fan of the fact that everything was prepacked. I prefer to wait for my meal than waste so many packages.

We ordered a macro bowl, sandwich with arugula, sun dried tomatoes and pesto, and tiramisu. The salad was a mixture of quinoa, spinach, chickpeas, carrots, various nuts and asparagus. It was very good. The bread was good but too hard for me. And that tiramisu was scrumptious.

I haven’t eaten so many desserts in a long time 😊

Ziva to go is a nice place but a little bit overpriced. If you are in Palma and want to get something quick, then going there is a good option. If you have more time and would like to enjoy something warm, you should consider going somewhere else. There are enough choices in Palma.

I hope my experience will help you when you decide to spend some time in Mallorca.

Thank you for reading!



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