Beauty of Flevoland

Each year we spend the Easter holiday with our family either in Slovakia or in The Netherlands. This year we went to Holland and I think it was the first time that it wasn’t raining during our visit in April, so we tried to make the best out of this amazing weather.

It has been my dream to visit tulip fields ever since I heard about them. You can only visit them in April or May and I haven’t got a chance to go there before as it was always raining when I visited Holland during these months. But it was different this time and I couldn’t miss my chance!

After a short search we decided to go to Flevoland as there you can find one of the Netherlands’ largest open tulip fields. Depending on the route, the tulip fields are accessible on foot, by bicycle or by car.

I would recommend to walk, or use the bike because it allows you to reach the beautiful places that are not accessible by car and let’s be honest, Holland is flat so you can even leave your Alpine trekking gear at home and just walk in flip flops 😊

We arrived to the farm 30 minutes too early as we didn’t know that there were certain opening times. It was however no issue for the owner and she opened the shop for us so that we could get more information about the place. You can purchase various local products there or you can also sit on the terrace and enjoy the views of her colorful garden.

She was very friendly and offered us a cup of coffee before we sat together and went through the leaflet. She also told us about the farms’ history and the work they do. We had a great time with her but it was time for us to go and see those fields..

We chose a route that was about 10 km long and started to walk..

At the beginning the path led us through a green area. We walked and walked and walked but tulips were nowhere to see. I truly expected to see large fields just behind the corner..


When you can’t see the end of the path.. BTW: After a few kilometers there were still no tulips!


After a short while a large tulip field appeared right in front of us and I was happy again 😊


You can get very close to the tulips but you should not enter the fields..

And here are some impressions of the colorful tulip ocean..


Back at the farm I also took a few shots of her beautiful garden…


I didn’t see this fly landing on the tulip when I took the photo. It gave me a good laugh back home when I saw it 😊


We ordered a cup of tea and sat on the terrace for a while before we got back to the car and drove home.

It was a long but beautiful walk and I would recommend it to anyone. It took us almost 3 hours to complete because we stopped very often to take photos but it can easily be done much quicker 😊

I hope you have enjoyed our trip to the tulips paradise.

Thank you for reading!


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