Fermented macadamia cheese

I’ve been obsessed with my sourdough bread, and I’m trying different things to go with it. I love hummus but you can only eat that much before you get fed up with it. Don’t get me wrong, I always have some hummus in the fridge since it’s a very easy and nutritious snack, but I … More Fermented macadamia cheese


Crumbly berry cake

I usually bake only for special occasions. We don’t like sweets that much and sharing all goodies with colleagues doesn’t make sense to me either. When we feel like having something sweet we go to our favorite cafe for a piece of cake – no mess in the kitchen. This hasn’t been possible for the … More Crumbly berry cake

Castle Devín

The castle Devín is a must-see location when you decide to visit Bratislava. It is located in the place of confluence of the rivers Danube and Moravia which form the border with Austria, just 10 km west from the old town. It was built on a rock at 212 m above the sea level, on the site of a Roman building and … More Castle Devín